A hedonistic lover with a penchant for all things kink



You Can Call Me Layla...

A hedonistic lover for lonely hearts, thrill-seekers & couples; I’m a fully independent, Canberra-based companion who is constantly chasing my next adventure as my wanderlust dictates my travels around Australia and the rest of the globe.


Enjoying both social and intimate companionship, and just as comfortable hiking through a rainforest as dining at a Michelin star restaurant, I’m the ideal playmate no matter what rendezvous you have in mind. Have a read through this website for a brief glimpse into who Layla is and the sort of debauchery we can get up to together. 

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“Layla has got a fantastic sense of humour; very intelligent & down to earth, so much so you could spend all day and night engaged in conversations whether it be serious or not.

I have seen many many escorts in my life, but never have I met an escort like Layla. She really does make you feel like a king and she is so genuine that I look towards her more as a good friend.


—  Tod, August 2019