When Are You Visiting My City?

April 4, 2018

I get asked this a lot; daily DM's on twitter demanding I visit America, texts inquiring when I'm touring Newcastle again, emails wanting to know if I'll ever venture to Japan. The answer is: I don't know!

I said I wasn't going to tour Adelaide, yet it's now one of my favourite cities. I used to think I'd be popping down to Melbourne monthly, but it's more like every 5 months. I can't predict what will happen; I try to schedule tours a few months in advance but have to cancel some of them due to lack of prebookings, knowing I'll be too burnt out to enjoy myself, or illness.


Some places I have no plans to tour due to the risks involved with working there (this strongly applies to the US), and others I've tried working from and haven't had much success (looking at you, Townsville). If I feel the risk of getting caught & facing legal ramifications, or not profiting from touring your city, is too high then I won't schedule a trip there.


However, I am still happy to receive Fly-Me-To-You bookings for places I wouldn't otherwise tour! Whether you're waiting for me on the Gold Coast, or living in Britain and wanting to play, I'm happy to organise a time for me to travel just to see you. You'll be asked to cover my flights and accommodation as well as the cost of the session - but during the time you've booked I'll be all yours! I love to travel and explore, let's plan out our next adventure together. Hiking, eating, watching movies... I'm down for almost anything you can think of. 


So next time please don't message me asking when I'll visit your country/city - instead get in touch about your very own Fly-Me-To-You booking.





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