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Extended Sessions

Dinner Dates

Fine food and fornication with a blonde bombshell... is there a better way to spoil yourself? A total foodie who loves trying new restaurants and sharing my personal favourites, this is the ideal way to get to know me.

I adore degustation menus and wine pairings just as much as hole-in-the-wall ramen joints. Breakfast & lunch dates are also more than welcome, please contact me for further details.

4 Hours - $1900 - GFE

5 Hours - $2300 - GFE

6 Hours- $2500 - GFE


4 Hours - $2400 - PSE

5 Hours - $2700 - PSE

6 Hours - $3000 - PSE

Time is to be evenly split between social & behind closed doors. For PSE bookings I strongly recommend we enjoy each other in the bedroom before heading out to replenish our energy.

Domestic Goddess

Your own personal chef, clad in a skin-tight dress as she sips wine and flirts with you between chopping and stirring, serving you up a beautiful home-made meal... after savouring each bite, we can enjoy savouring each other for dessert


4 Hours - $2500 - GFE

6 Hours - $3300 - GFE

(the Domestic Goddess package will need to be pre-booked at least a fortnight in advance; please make sure to mention if you have any dietary requirements when inquiring)

Intimate Interlude
$1100 GFE, $1500 PSE 

1 hour public, 1 hour bedroom:

Chemistry flowing as we chat over coffee or cocktails, then hastily retreating to behind closed doors so we can fully explore each other

A Day Of Delights

6-8 hours, must include at least one meal & social time outside the bedroom. Latest end time 9pm

A whole glorious day together... there's so much we could get up to! Hiking, wandering through museums, fine dining, browsing markets and spending hours in bed together.

Overnight Porn Star

15 Hours total; must include at least 6 hrs sleep & dinner

For my fellow hedonists... let's stay up late, making each other moan and gasp before collapsing in bed together, just to awake and do it all again the next morning

Pleasure Trip

48 hours; must include meals/social time in public. I require a half hour to hour by myself each day.

A whirlwind affair... let's escape the humdrum and create our own fun! Two days spent in each other's company enjoying the delights of the city around us, in between sharing more carnal delights with each other.

Netflix & Chill
$1650 GFE, $2100 PSE

2 hours social, 1.5 hours bedroom

Snuggling in our PJs, let’s turn on the TV and enjoy a movie - or if you have a competitive streak we can face off in a video/board game - before heading to the bedroom and messing up the sheets. If booked as an incall, includes charcuterie/fruit & cheese board

Overnight Girlfriend 

15 Hours total; must include at least 6 hrs sleep & dinner

A night of passion, followed by sleepy snuggles and morning glory... I'll even show you my favourite kind of breakfast in bed!

A Day In Heaven 

24hrs of pure bliss; must include at least    6 hrs sleep and two meals

The ultimate girlfriend experience! For 24hs I'm all yours, and I can't wait for our adventure. The ideal way to truly get to know each other - both mentally and physically - A Day In Heaven is for the lovers who likes to take it slow and steady, or for those who adore my companionship and can't get enough.

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