Spoil Me

“Spoil me differently! Spoil me with respect, honor, and appreciation. Spoil me with engaging conversations. Spoil me with your attentiveness. Spoil me by being kind, understanding, and genuine"

But for those who prefer to show their adoration and appreciation in a more traditional way, I've written out a little list of gifts below that are certain to bring a smile to my face:


While in Canberra I love having fresh flowers around the house! My favourites include lilies, orchids and Australian natives.

E-mail Address


(it's a zero, not the letter o!)

Gift Cards

Allow me to spoil myself by purchasing me a gift card! 


Have you been dreaming of seeing me in a certain style of lingerie? Here are my personal favourite lingerie brands; I wear a size 6B bra (or XS-XXS for bralettes) and a size 2-4 for panties (or whatever the smallest size is!)


For day wear, I prefer soft floral perfumes with musky undertones; for evening wear I enjoy perfumes with a light, sweet top note and woody, earthy base note.

  • N°5 Eau de Toilette - Chanel

  • Mon Jasmine Noir - Bulgari

  • Perfect - Marc Jacobs

  • Insense - Givenchy

  • Classique - Jean Paul Gaultier


Whether you'd like to indulge together; or are gifting them to me to enjoy later, refreshments can be a unique and appreciated way to spoil me!

  • Fresh berries/nectarines/grapes/melons

  • Haig's chocolate

  • Hard cheeses

  • Black tea

  • Prosecco

  • Dry red wine

  • Cakes, slices & other sweet delights