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Frequently Asked Questions

What current pre-cautions are you taking againist COVID?

I'm triple vaccinated, and will only be seeing clients who can prove they have had a minimum of two COVID vaccinations. Availability for in-person sessions has reduced dramatically as I've decided to see a very limited number of clients per week to keep risk to a minimum. If you show any symptoms when you arrive for your session, the booking will be terminated and your deposit/payment forfeited. 

Do you take card?

No; deposits are paid preferably using Beem, internet transfer or via a giftcard; and you will need to bring the remaining balance on the day in cash. Please place the cash in an unsealed envelope and hand it over at the start of our session (you can find more information on payment on my T&C's)

Are your photos really you?

Yes, all my photos are 100% real and have very minimal editing done, if any. Visit my Twitter for hundreds of selfies; or check out my Ivy Societe profile where my photos have been verified.

Do you provide uncovered services?

No, I do not provide unprotected blowjobs or penetrative sex; please do not ask as these services are illegal and non-negotiable.

How do I leave a review?

If you'd like to write a testimonial, you can leave one via my Ivy Societe or Dakota Dice profile. I appreciate the time taken to write reviews; however please remember there are some details best kept between us.

I've been ripped off before and don't want to pay a deposit. Will you still see me?

I won't take bookings from new clients without a deposit.  I take pride in my business and am not about to risk it all so I can retire on your $200 deposit. I have reviews dating years back by clients who have paid deposits and been more than satisfied. You can find my deposit policy here.

Am I always talking to you?

Yes; I am the only person who answers texts and emails. This means that I may not always be able to respond instantly, however there is zero chance of miscommunication and privacy concerns due to third parties.

Do I need to bring anything to the session?

Unless you have a special toy you'd like me to use on you, or have a strong preference for a certain drink, there is no need to bring anything to the booking other than yourself and the booking fee.

I am older/younger/over-weight/of a different ethnicity/have a disability; will you still see me?

Of course! My only requirement for clients is that you are over 18 years of age and are clean, polite & respectful

Do you offer anal sex?

I am now offering anal sex only to clients whom I've seen before & feel comfortable with. Anal sex is an extra $800 and will need to be discussed well ahead of the booking. If you are a new client whom I haven't seen before, please do not ask for this service as I will refuse to see you.

I'm the same age as you/attractive/only want oral/will make you cum; can I get a discount?

Absolutely not; rates are non-negotiable. If you ask for a discounted rate I will refuse to see you.

Do you have an STD?

No; I only practise safe sex and I get regularly tested to ensure that I am healthy. If I suspect that you may have an STD that you have not disclosed, I reserve the right to cancel the session without refund.

Do you see female/trans/gender-queer clients?

Yes! I'm pansexual and enjoy exploring lovers of all genders and sexualities. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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