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Had a lovely time with Layla a few days ago, meeting her for the first time. Layla is gorgeous, down to earth, great personality and a pocket rocket. I had an amazing time with her and wished the time never ended. Was the best XXX I’ve had in years. Hope to see her again soon.

- Phil, June 2024

I saw Layla for the first time yesterday for a GFE. She is a stunning woman with a bubbly personality and is an absolute goddess in the bedroom. It was the best and wildest sexual experience I have ever had. She enjoyed the intimacy as much as I did, and it was quite a compliment for me when she had a squirting climax. I hope the latter was not too private, but it tells you how genuine the experience was. 10/10. I will revisit her if she is touring the west coast again.

- Mark, June 2024

I guess if you're reading this then you've no doubt been captivated by Layla's stunning photo's but may be wondering if you should really go ahead and make a booking. I count myself lucky enough to have been able to see Layla regularly over the past few years and let me tell you she is just as, if not more, beautiful in person and the best part is her physical beauty is only a minor part of the whole Layla experience. She is just so adept at putting you at ease that you'll soon be laughing and joking like old friends, especially if you book a dinner date (highly recommended) where you can experience her cheeky and flirtatious side. She is a great conversationalist and has so many interests that I'm sure you'll find some shared hobby or passion to geek out on (discussing weirdos from Behind the Bastards episodes is a current favorite - and thank you Layla for putting me on to that show!).


When things turn passionate a whole new world of discovery awaits. Starting with a hug and a kiss, things can quickly escalate, and you'll soon find that Layla is a skilled and giving lover who is totally invested in your pleasure and will be able to bring you to unimaginable heights. Although for me the real reward is to focus on her pleasure - the aural journey from soft moans, sighs, and giggles, to the ecstatic force of her orgasm is something to behold. And afterward, simply holding each other you will feel as if you're in the safest most calming place in the world. One further thing, you will find time flies at an incredible pace while in her company so book as long as you can afford to - you won't regret it.

- Brett, June 2023

Layla is simply a fireball....Innocent at first but she is a little devious pocket rocket, incredible lady who is an absolute joy to be with, I was able to dip my toes into some new things and felt safe and comfortable to do so, Layla also has a very cheeky laugh which I enjoyed making her giggle, Now I have to wait until she is back in Melbourne ;)

- H, January 2023

How to describe my experience with Layla without giving too much away? Well, if you're new to the world of BDSM and want to explore, Layla is the girl for you, she definitely knows her stuff without pushing your limits too far and by the end she'll have complete physical and mental control over her clients to make them obey every single word. Thank you Layla for some amazing memories that I will never forget <3

- Flynn R, June 2022

I had booked Layla in advance by a fair amount and so the anticipation had built up leaving me with almost impossible expectations and yet this stunning seductress managed to smash past them and provide me with a totally unforgettable experience.
Throughout the long booking Layla managed to match my energy levels and mix things up, taking me to heights I hadn't reached before. Happy to work with my kinks and teach me a few things along the way, and the things she can do are out of this world!
She is absolutely gorgeous and a true pocket rocket whose both flexible and great to throw around the bedroom. Her photos are great but they really do not do her justice, I was practically drooling over her the entire time I was there!
She is charming, witty and poised, and will put you completely at ease, allowing you to get out of your head and focus on the fun side of things.

My only complaint is that I have to wait till she is back on tour before I can book her again!

- Enlightened Theif, June 2022

It’s weeks later, and I still can’t get Layla out of my head!

We enjoyed an evening together, and when I say this woman is unbelievable I mean it. From talking over a glass of wine and enjoying her smart, flirty banter to seeing her more animalistic side as the night progressed… I don’t think I’ve ever been more at ease yet also excited to see what happens next with someone. She was very accomodating of my requests, all with a side of fun and mischief that kept me on my toes.

Her photos although lovely, do not do her justice. Layla has to be experienced to believed - a beyond beautiful person who really understands her sensual, passionate side and can bring out yours.

- Fox4038, May 2022

Layla is a perfect lady, a perfect doll, a beautiful lady to share a beer with, a stunning woman to engage in some banter, a gorgeous girl to bend over your lap, a divine goddess to fulfill all your fantasies. Treat her with total respect and she will submit to your desire, a perfect lady, a perfect doll.

- C AAA, December 2021

What to say about Layla? Well, she’s the definition of a pocket rocket, absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, and a demon in the sack…..that is how I would describe the time I had with Layla on her most recent Melbourne tour. Whilst I won’t go into details about our time together, I will say book a PSE session, she’ll rock your world, and you won’t be disappointed. I absolutely loved my time with her, and I hope to see her again at another time.

- Anon, May 2021

After seeing escorts for many years, Layla has quickly became a favourite of mine for a multitude of reasons. Her demeanour, her smile and her wit, not to mention the energy she brings to the bedroom, has yet to be matched by any other woman I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Firstly; her website is a rich source of information and photos of this divine lady. When getting in contact she’s quick to respond to booking requests and makes it smooth and easy to organise a mutually convenient time. Then the anticipation begins...

Once the day finally arrives, I always find myself filled with excitement and nervous energy, almost barely able to contain myself. Layla seems to be able to sense this and is a master at making me feel more calm and sure of myself; it’s easy to feel like you’ve known this beautiful creature for years. Her presence is soothing, her voice soft and her touch light, making you forget any worries you may have had before.

As soon as I’m feeling relaxed Layla turns the tables and gets me all hot and bothered again... I won’t go into much detail but suffice to say that she fulfils all my desires and even introduces me to fantasies I didn’t know I had. An expert at reading her sexual partner and their needs, you can tell that Layla loves what she does. Her energy, her laughter and her openness are unparalleled.

Now, if you’ve seen her photos you don’t need time to tell you that she possess the most superb body and exquisite face. Her glorious long blond hair, her smooth fair skin, her elfin frame and her sweet face make her look like the picture of innocence... but in this case looks are deceiving. She definitely has a wild side and in my eyes is the queen of kink.

I look forward to many more adventures with this brilliant woman - she truly is the complete package. If you’ve been considering seeing Layla stop hesitating and reach out as the only regret you could possibly have is not booking her sooner.

- Marks280, December 2019

I have just had another sensational date with this wonderful person.

Layla is one of the most loveliest, sweetest, kindest, intelligent, down-to-earth person I have ever met.
We had times of deep conversations and laughter. Time goes so quickly when I am with her, so my advice to anybody considering catching up with this beautiful person is that they should make that date as long as they possibly could.
Layla has a very intoxicating way about her, her smile will just make you melt and she makes you feel like you are the only person that exists
I will not talk about our physical side of it only to say that I am in a beautiful glow for a long long time after we part company

Please do not think twice if you are going to see Layla because it will be some of the best time you ever want to have as she makes our dates something that I will cherish for ever
Thank you Layla X

- Tod, January 2019

It's been more than a year since I posted my first review of Layla, and in that time I've been privileged enough to have had many amazing encounters. From a picnic on the shores of lake Burley Griffin, a memorable sleepover that included a lovely home cooked meal (plus snuggling in front of trashy TV), getting to be on set while my custom video was filmed, introducing her to a new hobby, and making my birthday so incredibly special, every moment spent with Layla has been an absolute joy.

Layla really is the complete package, simply stunning to look upon, a passionate and giving lover, and someone that's great fun to just hang out with. I'm so glad I stumbled upon her profile and decided to make that first contact. I'm definitely hooked on this incredible woman and hope to have many more adventures in the future, my only regret is not having found her sooner!

- Brett, December 2018

Well what can I say. This woman is a miracle ! God put his feet up and took the rest of the week off when he made Layla. We spent a marvellous evening together filled with what I can only describe as the most intimate and engaging meetings of the mind and body I have experienced. Able to pick up and respond the subtle cues whilst being genuinely sensual and engaging made this experience one that will be indelibly etched on my mind forever. Layla has a few hidden surprises that are well worth the wait and overlays the experience with a veneer of “kink” that really reinforces the reason why you are there. Impeccably dressed and knapped with the most delicate and exotic fragrance - my heart skipped a beat the moment she melted into my welcoming embrace. From start to finish the experience was surreal and I am left wondering if those moments of magic were real - or the result of the most wonderous dream. Until next time we meet my dear...... MR B ️

- Billpeach, November 2018

I didn't really have much of an experience with girls, so i was really nervious coming into this. but she was very patient and caring with me. later and later into the session she got me to open up and try lots of different things. SHE IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! she can be that cute little girl next door. she can be that dirty girl that will drain you dry. she can be anything you want. She started slow and is quite good at judging your needs, she likes to get you out of your comfort zone but wont force you to do anything you don't want to. She is a very sweet, cute girl but holy hell she is fucking amazing in bed. 5 stars 10/10 will be seeing her again next time she comes to town.

- KM, Febuary 2018

Beautiful memories live on!
It has been over 6 months since I last saw Layla, far too long….not because I don’t want to but rather because I have not being in the right place at the right time! I just want Layla to know the three times we have met have been magical. You are so natural, so sensual and so caring, a beautiful person to be with in every respect. You are always so cheerful and you always see the best in people. I am
hoping to see you again very soon. Thank you, Layla for being you ️

- Mr.P, October 2017

I've had several bookings with Layla, and she's always amazing; a tiny but powerful explosion of energy and raw sexuality that would be hard for most people to keep up with. At least one of those was a dinner booking, which was great; not only is she a sexual dynamo, but she's a genuinely interesting person, an entertaining conversationalist on many topics. I also follow and interact with her on Twitter, and one thing I had noted was that now and then she posts photos of meals she has cooked, which always look like interesting and very tasty food. I've called her a #DomesticGoddess on several occasions, and when I got in touch to make our most recent booking, I asked whether we could have a dinner date with a difference--could we have a Domestic Goddess booking, with Layla acting as extremely sexy chef, followed by an intimate private dinner of one of her delicious specialities, followed by an even more intimate dessert...

To my great joy, Layla agreed, and after a bit of discussion, we settled on a lovely but simple spaghetti with garlic butter, bacon and prawns. On the day, I brought a nice bottle of red wine, and had a wonderful time chatting to Layla, drinking a bit of wine, watching her cook, and even helping a little. I should have requested a naked chef nude with an apron, maybe next time, but it was lovely anyway; we got caught up and watching her cook was a joy; she really does know what she's doing and obviously enjoys it. It may have been better that she wasn't nude; I might have found it hard to let her get on with the cooking undisturbed. The finished product was delicious, and the atmosphere was better than any restaurant. I highly recommend her skills as a chef.

After dinner, we adjoined to a quick shower and the bedroom for a wonderful, long, intense dessert. I don't put details in my reviews, but Layla was, as she always is incredibly hot and intense, responding beautifully with several gorgeous orgasms, and giving me a great deal of pleasure as well. In between intense times, we had some lovely kissing and cuddling and more talk, and finished up with a nice long close cuddle before I reluctantly said goodbye until next time, which I really hope will be soon. I'd love to once again experience her amazing domestic goddess side; I hope she's willing to do it again!


- Ron, September 2017

It’s rare to have a woman of Layla’s caliber visit Wagga so when I saw she was touring I knew I had to see her. Communication with her was easy and efficient, it took us next to no time to ‘lock in a date’ and organise the finer details of our time together.

My nerves almost got the better of me at first yet within minutes of talking she had me feeling relaxed and at ease. after some cuddling and necking Layla initiated a mind-blowing BJ and well…. the rest is best kept between us but let me assure you it was an unparalleled tryst filled with sensuality and passion. I’m certain this will be the first of my many encounters with Layla - I still feel like I’m floating after spending a few glorious hours in her divine company

- BigBear99, April 2019

I have been seeking as much hedonistic variety in my sex life that I can get, I love the new meeting and exploring an unknown experience so I have never returned to a previous escort until today where I met with Layla for a second time.

She is as lovely as a lovely girl can be, as perfect as I could dream of, totally professional in our dealings, just beautiful with an amazing smile, attentive, accommodating to my specific needs both sexual and physical, BJ Queen (OMG) impressive talent on a big guy like me.

I'm terrible at small talk and socially awkward but she made me feel at ease, it's not just her sexy body but her wonderful self that made me completely comfortable with her, she was engaging and gorgeous and perfect to me.

Thank you so much Layla for the most wonderful experience, for inspiring me to be better so you are paying it forward through me as I do what I do and I look forward to every perfect #TittyTuesday

Do yourself a favor, she's awesome.

- Stevie_J_Tas, February 2017

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