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Here you will find my policies and T&Cs for deposits, cancellations, screening and more. Make sure to have a thorough read prior to our booking if you're not certain what is expected of you before/during our time together; or if you have any questions about what happens with details you have provided during screening etc.

Deposit Policy

I require a deposit in case of cancellations or no-shows; it's a great way to demonstrate to me that you are serious about the booking you have made and intend to follow through with it. The deposit comes out of the total cost of your booking (e.g. if you book an hour Girlfriend Experience and I ask for a $150 deposit, you will just need to bring $600 on the day).

I require a deposit from all clients, for all sessions. There are a number of ways you can pay your deposit, listed below:

-Beem It

-Commonwealth SmartATM

-Bank Transfer (only for bookings made at least 4 days in advance)

-Prezzee gift card

Deposits are non-refundable unless I have to cancel. If you find yourself unable to make our appointment in Canberra, let me know at least 72 hours before we are meant to meet and I will put the deposit towards a future booking. If you cancel more than twice with the same deposit I will consider that deposit forfeited and will keep it as a cancellation fee.

While on tour, deposits are non-transferable unless I have availability during that same tour to move your appointment to. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you'd like to transfer your booking, otherwise I will keep the deposit as a cancellation fee.


If you do require me to refund the deposit after a cancellation, I am offering my Australian customers refunds via Beem It only. International clients, please get in touch and we can talk about the most mutually convenient way to return your funds. 

Cancellation Policy

Turning up, and then leaving once I’ve opened the door (look & leave), sending me to a fake address or refusing to open the door to me will also result in a cancellation fee ($500). If you are more than 15 minutes late to the booking and do not properly communicate this to me, I will consider it a cancelled booking.


Failure to pay a cancellation fee will result in you being contacted by my lawyer as well as me possibly pursuing further legal action if you continue to ignore requests to pay.

In the event that I have to cancel our session due to illness or some other emergency; I will give you the option of having the deposit fully refunded or having it put towards a future booking. If I cancel due to you breaking the Terms Of Service then I will consider your deposit & booking fee (if already paid) forfeited. You can find my Terms Of Service below.

Terms Of Service

Intoxication: You will not show up to the booking intoxicated or become intoxicated during the booking. While I am fine with you having a drink before we meet, or bringing along a bottle of bubbly for us to share; if you arrive showing clear signs of inebriation, drink excessively while in session or attempt to take drugs while in session I reserve the right to cancel without refund.

Non-disclosure of an STI: I will see some clients who have an STI at my discretion, depending on the STI and how it is managed. However if you fail to inform me prior to the booking about your sexual health status and I notice symptoms at any point during our time together then that is grounds for the booking to be terminated without refund.

Threatening behaviour or images: If at any point prior to or during the booking I am made to feel threatened by something you've sent to or said to me then I reserve the right to cancel the booking without refund. Depending on the severity of the threat, I may also contact police. Threatening behaviour will also result in you being blacklisted


Theft and damage to property: Theft and property damage are illegal activities. If you attempt to take back the booking fee, steal money/personal objects, have intentionally shortchanged me or if I find you have been going through my personal belongings I will terminate the booking and contact the police and pursue charges. If you intentionally cause any damage to my property I will require you to leave my incall (or in the case of outcalls, I will leave) and will immediately call the police.

Tampering with condoms: purposely removing the condom without my knowledge, ripping the condom or otherwise tampering with it is legally rape and will result in the booking being terminated as well as putting you on my blacklist. I will also report your behaviour to the police and pursue criminal charges.


Consent violations: If I have already asked you not to do a certain activity, or told you I do not offer it/will not be performing it during our session, and you keep asking or pushing for it/attempting to do it regardless, that is a violation of my consent. This will result in you being blacklisted and the booking being terminated. Depending on the severity of the violation it may result in me contacting the police.

Inappropriate messaging: Sending unsolicited photos of yours (or anyone else’s) genitals is illegal and will result in the booking being terminated and your number/email being blocked. Incessant messaging, attempting to dirty talk for free or making me feel uncomfortable during the booking process are all grounds for having the booking terminated without a refund.

Non-disclosure of contagious non-sexual diseases: If a client arrives and is presenting symptoms of a contagious diseases I reserve the right to refuse service and keep the booking fee/deposit.

Screening Policy

All new clients must be open to screening. The bare minimum I require is a mobile number and your name; although I will often ask for more information especially if it is an extended booking or an outcall.


Sometimes you will be asked for a reference from another escort you have seen in the past few months. If you do get asked for a reference, let me know the name of the worker and send through their ScarletBlue / Escorts and Babes profile and I’ll send them a little message just checking that you were safe and respectful during your encounter together.


If I am doing an outcall to a hotel; I may ask for proof that you are at that hotel as well as a deposit. You can do this by sending me a photo of your keycard with your name written next to it.


Outcalls to a residential address require photo ID (drivers license, passport etc.) and proof of address (utility bill, etc.) as well as a deposit. I’m fine with you covering some information in the photos of the ID/proof of address - but your name, photo and address MUST be clearly visible when sending the images through.


I will never share your private information with anyone unless I need to go to authorities due to theft, assault, rape, etc. Before a session starts I let my security know how long the booking should go for + your mobile number if its an incall - if its an outcall I let them know the session length and where  it will take place and thats it. After our session I have my security delete the message containing your number/location and I will delete any images that you have sent through containing sensitive information. Discretion is important to me and I will respect your privacy; however I need to feel comfortable when spending time together and so may ask for any of the above mentioned information to ensure that I can fully relax and feel confident while I am with you.

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