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Queer Companion


Playing with sexuality and gender, and breaking the 'rules' of traditional straight relationships, is a part of my identity I enjoy indulging and exploring.

However, sex work is seen by the majority as catering to cis-men and straight couples almost exclusively; another rule I want to help break. I'm here whether it's your first time exploring with a queer woman, if you're just looking for a romp between the sheets with a non-judgemental and enthusiastic partner, or want a date night with another cutie whose only desire is to show you a fun time.

I've decided on a different rate structure for my clients who are women, gender non-conforming and trans. Not only do we earn less on the dollar, but I'd love to be able to provide a safe space for those in the LGBTQ+ community who are wanting to bring fantasies and fetishes to life with an experienced professional that understands their needs.

Soft, sweet moments between the sheets...

$450 - 1 hour

$650 - 1.5 hours

$800 - 2 hours

$1200 - 3 hours

Dinner Dates

$1450 - 4hr, Nice

$1900 - 5hr, Nice

$2200 - 6hr, Nice

$1800 - 4hr, Naughty
$2200 - 5hr, Naughty

$2600 - 6hr, Naughty

For those who enjoy the debauchery of it all...

$700 - 1 hour
$950 - 1.5 hours

$1200 - 2 hours

$1700 - 3 hours

Extended Dates

A Flirtation - $850 Nice, $1100 Naughty

1 hour public, 1 hour bedroom

Movie Night - $1100 Nice, $2700 Naughty

2 hours social, 1.5 hours bedroom

Sleepover - $3500 Nice, $4500 Naughty

15 Hours total; at least 6 hrs sleep & dinner

A Whirlwind Affair - $3000

6-8 hours, must include at least one meal & social time outside the bedroom. Latest end time 9pm

If you have any questions about my services or are interested in a session length not listed here please feel free to reach out! I'm more than happy to discuss your needs and desires for our time together.

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