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Bend Over Boyfriend

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A lot of my clients, after they’ve seen me for a session or two (regardless of GFE, PSE or femdom) raise the subject of pegging. I love pegging; I never got a chance to try it until I started sex work but it’s such a great experience (once your muscles get used to thrusting that is; it’s a whole new skill set!) and something I truly enjoy. Everyone knows vaginas have a g-spot; those with a penis have a ‘p-spot’ or prostate which when played with can cause very enjoyable sensations. Not everyone with a penis can cum from or enjoys having their prostate played with (just like not everyone with a vagina enjoys g-spot stimulation). However, for guys who enjoy a bit of prostate play, pegging can be a really enjoyable experience which leads to better, more fulfilling orgasms. Like any anal play, the key to successful pegging is communication, patience and lots of lube. Finding a well-made harness that fits snug is also essential, personally, I love Rodeoh harnesses but have a shop around - there are so many different brands and designs! I like to make sure I have a few different dildos on hand so that I can change it up mid-scene as well; not only different thickness/length, but also different textures and shapes. For those getting pegged; the most important thing is making sure you’re clean & relaxed. There are lots of guides online about how to properly prep for anal play, please make sure you have a read and follow the instructions! Sometimes a little bit of shit still happens, even if you’ve done your best to clean, and that’s ok. But to avoid major mess, it’s important to thoroughly clean beforehand. Making sure you’re relaxed is also important; because when you’re stressed/scared your muscles tense which can make the experience painful and frustrating. My pegging clients normally fall into one of two different categories; submissives and those who are after a GFE with a twist. Submissives who are into pegging can fall into two categories again; those who enjoy being fucked and encourage me to go faster & harder and those who only receive anal play as ‘punishment’ for

misbehaving. The obvious role-reversal that happens when a woman pegs a man can be a very powerful tool during femdom sessions; our culture still dictates that a woman should be submissive in a heterosexual relationship and pegging can help subvert that. Making a sub suck my dildo before bending them over reminds him who is in control, and that they’re here for my enjoyment.

Whilst pegging subs is a lot of fun;

I really love those clients who are after a ‘kinky GFE’ - they want me to peg them while stroking and kissing them. Thrusting into them, feeling them throb in your hand as they moan against your lips is so very intimate, sensual and passionate. Plus, pegging seems to put guys into the cuddliest headspace afterwards which I love. In this moment pegging doesn’t feel even the least bit kinky. It’s just slow and soft sex, except this time I’m the one penetrating. If you’ve never done it before, pegging can seem very intimidating (especially if you’ve seen those femdom porn videos where the strap-on is bigger than her arm). But when approached properly, it’s a very enjoyable experience for both parties and something I can’t recommend trying enough. Just remember to communicate, go slow and use lots of lube!

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