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I'm Coming For You Perth! - Touring October 2022

Not long now until I'm flying across the country to be back in Western Australia - or to be more specific, Perth! Despite the long trek over, I truly love visiting this gorgeous city and meeting my many admirers who reside there.

I'm available for bookings in Perth from the 5th-8th of October; see below for a breakdown of what times I have left:

  • 5th: fully booked

  • 6th: 11am-3pm, 6pm-8pm

  • 7th: 10am-1pm

  • 8th: 10am-11am, 6pm-8pm

If you're interested in seeing me on the 6th or 8th for a dinner date, I'm happy to discuss the possibility of having a later finish time than 8pm.

To see me on my last tour of Perth in 2022 head on over to my contact page and fill out the booking form, or send me a text with all the required information! As always, a deposit will be required to secure your session.

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