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Wine Me, Dine Me... - A Canberra Escort's Guide To Eating Out

Love the idea of stepping out to dinner, a captivating and alluring woman on your arm, ready to enjoy a night of indulgence, however... you don't know the local restaurant scene, or where best to take a lady who enjoys fine food just as much as fornication?

Then let me make some suggestions - a total foodie, I love eating out and sharing the experience (the scent, the taste, the atmosphere...) with a lover for company. Below are my favourite restaurants to enjoy while in my hometown of Canberra, but don't worry - if you want to take me dining interstate I have a long list of places we can chow down at as well!

Wild Duck

Popular with the pollies, Wild Duck is one of Canberra's best Chinese-fusion fine dining experiences. Ever since I first ate here, quite a number of years ago, it has remained one of my favourite dinner spots in the ACT. Cosy, but with delightful service and a delicious mix of traditional & inventive menu items, make it a lovely date spot - especially if you manage to snag one of the intimate booths for a meal, which can really make you feel as though you have your own personal waiters & chefs, and is the perfect spot for making eyes at each other from across the table while enjoying a meal.

Italian & Sons

Classy-yet-casual and set in the heart of Braddon, Italian & Sons focuses on fresh seasonal produce to create delectable Italian fare. The open kitchen lets you watch the chefs at work - busy tossing pizzas and chopping, sautéing, and preparing meals. And of course, no Italian restaurant is complete without an extensive and well-thought-out wine list, and Italian & Sons does not fail to deliver on this front.

Black Fire

A gorgeous Mediterranean restaurant that heavily focuses on meat, with a lot of their dishes cooked over a roaring fire pit ensuring that they are as flavour-packed as they are succulent. With friendly staff that will happily talk you through the menu and comfy seating, it has a warm and inviting feel while still being elegant enough to feel like a special night out.


If you enjoy Japanese food, you simply can't go past Raku! The essence of modern, high-end Japanese dining, Raku creates beautifully presented and equally delicious meals for its patrons. With a sleek aesthetic, open kitchen, and extensive menu I could happily stay all night picking at different dishes and sipping away on a sake flight.

Chairman & Yip

An iconic Canberra institution, Chairman & Yip serves up modern Pan-Asain cuisine that never fails to leave me happily satisfied. The epitome of fine dining, with impeccable service set among low-lit black and red decor, it's a wonderfully romantic spot for a night out. With an extensive wine list that pairs perfectly with the menu, it's no wonder this excellent restaurant remains a staple of the capital's dining scene.

And to finish this blog, I feel the need to bring up the ongoing debate in the world of escorts: should

you enjoy dessert before or after dinner?

Personally, as someone who is known for her oral skills and enjoys showing them off, I tend to suggest we opt for bedroom time before heading out and refuelling. Working up our appetites together before heading out to eat... sharing knowing looks over a glass of wine and continuing to flirt through our mains, only the two of us knowing what debauchery we were enjoying just an hour or two earlier always helps sharpen the appetite.

If you have your heart set on the more traditional romancing over dinner before retreating to bed for dessert I'm happy to accommodate - just be aware that this is better for longer dates where we can enjoy some lazy time cuddling together after a full meal before getting down & dirty behind closed doors.

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