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The Ideal Client

I’d first like to say a big thank you to all my clients. You’ve helped me realise that I’m a smart, strong young woman who has beauty inside & out. Now, I want to do the same for you.

When organising a booking it’s not unusual for me to hear “I’m a large man, is that ok?” and it always breaks my heart. Yes, of course, it’s more than ok! I love bodies of all shapes & sizes and am able to see beauty in everyone. And while a muscular body has its perks, I’ve always loved chubby guys. They’re the best to cuddle up to; I love feeling protected by their body pressed against mine while we spoon. Plus chubby guys have the best behinds, there’s nothing better than grabbing a handful while they’re on top and using it to push them further into you. Also, a study published in 2010 suggested that men with ‘obvious bellies’ often lasted longer during sex than their skinny counterparts (

A lot of men also seem worried about their age, and that I'll be turned off because they’re older. I’ve always been described as mature for my age, and enjoy the company of those older than me. Not to mention there’s nothing sexier than a silver fox in a smart-fitting suit… but in all seriousness, I love the company of gentlemen with a lot of life experience who are still up for an adventure. Their combination of knowledge and zest for life is something I truly appreciate & find exciting. Some of my favourite clients are 3 times my age, but I’ve never really sat down and thought of them that way. I just know that we have amazing sex, great conversations, and that I’m always looking forward to seeing them again.

I have a lot of clients of different ethnicities want to know if I’m comfortable seeing them. The level of racism in this industry, from both escorts & clients, is disgusting. I’m so sorry to all those people who’ve been turned away or told they’re not good enough. I will never turn someone away because of their ethnicity or nationality.

Finally, I see a lot of gentlemen who have performance anxiety when it comes to the bedroom; due to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction isn’t uncommon, I’ve seen it in men of all ages whether it’s a one-off due to nerves or a consistent problem. If you find it interferes with your ability to enjoy masturbation/sex, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about what you can do to help (and no, viagra is not always the answer). However, if it doesn’t majorly affect how much fun you have in the bedroom, I don’t see it as a problem. I’ve had really fulfilling, enjoyable sessions where we’ve both had mind-blowing orgasms with clients who have ED. In my experience, it doesn’t detract from the fun and is nothing to be embarrassed about. There's more to sex than just penetration!

Sometimes it’s hard not to get swept up with thoughts of self-doubt; especially before meeting someone new. However I really encourage you to get out of your head before the booking, otherwise it can make the experience a little strained. If you’re caught up thinking about how an escort perceives you, you won’t be able to give 100% when it comes to relaxing and being present with them, which can make the session stressful and less enjoyable for you

I truly enjoy spending time with my clients, and helping them learn to love themselves; it’s an immensely rewarding part of my job. So thank you again, and remember that it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s how you act that’s going to determine how much fun we have together.

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