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Tickle Me

I recently had a client introduce me to the wonderful world of tickling. I’ve been aware of tickle fetishes for some time and had even received messages asking if I was open to it, but none of those earlier inquiries came through.

Anyone who’s had a session with me can attest that I’m a very ticklish individual - my skin is beyond sensitive and light touches almost anywhere on my body can make me quiver and giggle. Whilst planning the session, we talked mainly about me tickling him; but that soon changed when he realised how ticklish I am.

Laying down, he held my hands above my head and wrapped his legs over mine. He slowly, softly traced his fingers down my arms as I squirmed... when he reached my armpit and start playing with my pit hair I burst out laughing. And a subtle feeling of humiliation came over me.

That’s something that hadn’t occurred to me - the soft humiliation of being tickled. I’m already pinned down, unable to move, and now he’s coaxing these loud laughs and jerky movements from me. I was embarrassed but enjoying how sensual it was at the same time.

We continued like that until I was unable to take any more - the newfound strength being tickled brings can take quite a toll on your body! Switching, I cuffed him and started exploring his ticklish areas; starting slow then, upon seeing his reaction, my sadistic side came out and I tickled him until I could see the whites of his eyes as he was gasping for breath.

Like most things kinky, tickling can be soft and sweet or absolute torture. I had so much fun exploring erotic tickling on both ends, I definitely can’t wait to try it again.

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