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What's Your Favourite?

I don't have a preference between vanilla & kink, submission & dominance, cuddles or orgies. I like them all! But so many people seem to think I must only enjoy one and I'm just putting up with the rest for work.

My desires change daily, sometimes multiple times a day! It's not unusual for me to wake up wanting some cuddly, sensual sex then later in the day I might be fantasising about having a dominant tie me up & humiliate me. Or I'll be wishing I had a submissive to smack around. Or a couple who I can watch as they lovingly entangle themselves.

And sometimes it depends on who I'm with. I have some clients who are so sweet & sensual that all I desire with them is passionate sex; holding hands and feeling each other's breath across our skin. Some who, from the moment they step in the room, I know they want a gentle domme to guide and take care of them. Others, who after getting to know me, open up about a fetish they've never tried before. And even if it's not my fetish, I love helping others explore. Helping them get what they need, helping them feel understood.

I love to please, to get a reaction out of my partner. Whether it's soft moans as I play with their nipples, or them begging for release during an orgasm denial scene, or their wide-eyed appreciation of my soft body as they lovingly caress it... I adore knowing that I'm making them feel that way. Hearing their vocalisations of pleasure, seeing the joy in their face - that's my favourite thing about sex. Slow & soft or hard & fast, kinky or vanilla I enjoy it all, as long as I know my partner will walk away ecstatic, beaming from ear to ear, replaying our encounter again and again in their mind.

I know it sounds cliche, but I'm a total people pleaser.

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